How to Save Money on Grocery Stores

It’s easy to walk down the grocery store and fill your basket with unlisted items. Be its fluorescent lighting, strategically placed products at checkout, or creaking wheels on a stroller affecting your sanity – and your budget.  

But that doesn’t mean you get the card for free to spend freely! It’s time to go crazy and learn how to save money on grocery stores. How much do most people spend on groceries per month? In this neighborhood, it’s a good idea to spend 10 to 20% of the salary you take home on food that includes both groceries and eating out. But most people spend a lot more than that. The average monthly grocery costs per person range from $ 165- 370. Married couples spend between $371 and 773 monthly. And when it comes to a family of four, their average monthly grocery bill costs up to $ 570–1298! That’s Huge!  You don’t need to spend much on grocer stores now. Here are some easy ways to do grocery shopping on!

  • Dinner Redefined

If dinner makes you envision a sizeable homemade meal with a nice piece of meat, two sides of fresh vegetables from the farmers market, a warm French sandwich, and a chocolate dessert – then Relax and cut yourself some time! The dinner doesn’t have to be a big party. Your kids and spouse will survive on an omelette or a large salad a few times a week. Don’t be afraid to serve light meals to increase your groceries or eat breakfast for dinner! Eggs are inexpensive, and if you’re happy, you can make them in various dishes, such as frittata and quiche. Or make an egg salad sandwich if you want something simple. It’s time to cut down on your guilt and budget by rethinking the most misunderstood meals of the day.

  • Highlight Some Numbers While you Shop

If you keep tallying the amount of money accumulated in your shopping cart, you will avoid any surprises when you reach the checkout line. Take the calculator out of your phone and keep track of all the vegetables, fruits, and other vital items you put in your shopping cart. It allows you to pause and ask yourself. 

  • Round Off your Grocery Cost Estimates

It is a fun little trick you can play on your own when you’re struggling with how to save money on groceries. At the same time, you’re walking around with your calculator and round up the prices for each item. A $3.59 product would be $4. An $8.92 item would be $9 and so on. If you do this for everything in your shopping cart, you will still roughly know what you’re spending, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you’re at the checkout line and always below budget.

  • Raid the Pantry

Take a glance at your pantry and see what kind of meals you can throw with the ingredients you already have. Who says you have to stock more groceries when you have the perfect yummy chicken thighs in the back of your freezer and some unopened cans of black beans and salsa on your shelf? It’s an excellent tip to save money grocery store market, we guess.

  • Think before you Increase the Volume

 Buying in bulk is great when it really saves you money. Don’t assume that buying in bulk at auto discount stores is a cheaper option. When you’re grocery shopping on your budget, stop and compare the price per unit or ounce of the item you want to buy. It’s as tempting as stockpiling, but don’t buy more than you need, especially for perishable items. Buying bulk cereal can be a big investment for a family of four, but if you and your spouse are alone, that 40-count Greek yoghurt might not be your best buy.

  • Don’t shop when you are hungry

People do many strange things when they’re hungry. They say things they don’t mean, eat all their roommate’s chips, and wander down the aisle of grocery stores like zombies. And while your good friend might not hold you accountable for what you said when you were “hanging out,” your grocery bill won’t let you down so quickly. Step away from the 48 frozen waffles and turn the pineapple cake upside down from the bakery. Walk into the grocery store on a full stomach, and you might be shocked at how low your grocery bill is! 

These few new habits can help you lower your monthly grocery bill, stay on budget, and reach your financial goals faster. That means more money to pay off debt, invest for the future, or save for something fun, like a babysitter and a lovely meal where someone else cooks and cleans. Try one of these grocery hacks on your next trip down the grocery market, and you might be happily surprised at how much money is left in your pocket! Checkout Wall Directory for a huge list of grocery stores, food markets and bakeries and find fresh vegetables, seafood, chicken and meat here. Use food coupons provided by a nearby supermarket chain or a local grocery shop. We hope this blog helps you to save huge money!