Traveling In 2021 and Beyond

Ornamental Arabic lantern with burning candle glowing at night, representing Muslim holy month Ramadan.

Traveling today seems less stable than ever, discouraging many aspiring explorers to put off what they want most. However negative circumstances appear to be in the world you must not lose sight of your goals. Traveling is an eye opening experience that everyone should have in an ideal world. The word ideal is used here because I fully acknowledge the barriers of a global pandemic and the subsequent rising unemployment and painfully high death tolls that have taken place. Notwithstanding all this, there is a silver lining with regards to traveling in 2021. Read on for some positive developments and some things to keep in mind for your next trip.

Flights are Cheaper

Ticket prices have decreased dramatically in the post-Corona market. After flights being highly restricted for months, the gradual reopening of airlines has attracted customers to a certain degree. However because the demand to fly is still low, the rates are lower accordingly. This sad reality can work in the favor of many travel lovers. So take caution for health and safety first but take advantage of prices!  If finances have held you back in the past then you should especially consider travel at this time. 

Cultures are Melting Together

If you have traveled in recent years you may have noticed that foreign countries have Americanized elements to them. This is of course thanks to social media and internet use in general. If planes were thought to be the reason cultures became interconnected then social media brought connection to a whole new level. The trends in fashion and music that start in Harlem, New York for example can be seen imitated around the globe. The American models of business are often used in many regions of the world as well. There are countless other facets of American society and even mentality that have taken root in foreign cultures. This reality makes travel much easier and other countries feel a little more like home. World cultures are rapidly blending together before our very eyes.

Many Countries Offer Similar Services

Did you ever stop and appreciate the blessing Uber has been on daily life?  It’s hard to imagine that years ago one had to call a cab service and wait long periods of time for a driver to arrive, pay a considerable amount of money, and possibly be exposed to unsafe situations. What about the convenience and affordability of an Airbnb? Even Yelp has branched out of its San Francisco base and into 219 cities and a total of 31 countries outside the United States. The global spread of these applications make traveling that much more seamless. Just these aforementioned businesses alone can provide the logistics of a complete vacation. The stress of traveling is slowly being eliminated. Travelers without indepth knowledge of a country or culture can rely on applications like these and others that they are familiar with to move within the country safely. 

Internet is More Widely Available

Internet access is reaching more and more people around the world. Just a look at the data shows from the year 2018 to 2019 internet users went up by approximately a quarter of a billion, from 3.74 to 3.97 billion users respectively. This growth is happening just as quickly in developing countries. This is great news for the life of a traveler. The internet is as important for survival in a foreign country as food to eat. Access to the internet has made travel widely possible for all. When you need to speak to locals but don’t speak their language you simply open your Google Translate app and speak into it. When you are lost in a place with foreign street signs you tap on Google Maps to get to your destination. Traveling in 2021 is as comfortable as can be.

Adhere to Local Dress Codes

This cannot be stressed enough but dress is highly important. When submerging yourself in a foreign culture you should always try your best to respect that culture. Countries in the Middle East or Western Asia for example tend to dress conservatively.  It may seem natural to wear shorts on a hot summer vacation but may be interpreted differently depending on the country. Keep local manners of dress in mind when planning a trip. If you don’t have time to research anything else, research the dress code. This can make or break an international experience. You must also keep in mind the current situation and always pack an ample amount of face masks and sanitizer. Your face mask is the most important part of your outfit now and for the unforseen future.

Enjoy the Adventure

St Augustine once stated “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” Travel is an adventure of the greatest kind. It should not be overlooked. Those travelers who return home with a new perspective on life can be the first to attest to the importance of it.  So have fun with whatever you decide to do while abroad and enjoy the experience. Understand that safety comes first, but that life is meant to be explored fully. 

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